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Doors should be painted in a strict sequence. First wedge the door open and remove all door furniture like handles, latches etc.

Flush Doors
Start at the top and work down in sections. Lay the paint on by making two or three separate down strokes. Without reloading the brush, fill in by cross brushing. Still without reloading, lay off with horizontal strokes, then finish and smooth out with very light upward strokes.

Panelled Doors
These should be painted in the following order:

1. Mouldings
2. Panels
3. Centre upright
4. Horizontals, top and bottom
5. Side verticals
6. Edges
7. Frame

Mask off glass with tape before painting or use a paint shield. Remove masking tape as soon as the work is dry, otherwise it may be difficult to remove later.

When painting stairs, work from the top down. Painting sequence:
1. Spindle
2. Newel Post
3. Handrail
4. Treads and risers
5. String
6. Stair panel
7. Central tread

If you are putting in a stair carpet you only need to paint the areas that will show. However, allow the paint to extend at least 50mm under carpet on each side.

Skirting Boards
•   Clean the boards and surrounding floor, rolling back the carpet if possible. Cover the floor and mask the carpet edge with wide masking tape.
•   Holding a small brush like a pencil, with your little finger resting on the floor to keep a steady line, paint smoothly along the skirting board.
•   Begin in a corner of a room, covering a metre at a time.
•   Remove masking tape when dry.